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Villeroy and bock dating

I am no expert on Villeroy & Boch marks, so straight away I looked through my German marks book Rontgen's.

We know that Rontgen isn't always 100% correct, but we'll cut him some slack due to the vast amount of useful material catalogued.

Not that it's not very nice (very art nouveau looking), but it's not as if it's a an imperial vase from the Ming court.

What would anyone seek to gain from this type of faking?

For more information on the history of V&B marks go to pm&on this page:-Villeroy & Boch Marks and History For valuation advice from a professional, go to this page:-Peter's vintage and antique china values page Your Mercury Mark is dated 1874 to 1909. We English bombed the factory into the ground in1945.

Sadly,all of the rcords were lost in the devastation.

I have never actually seen this one before, but remember, they had their head office in Dresden for a long period - and the Saar region was seeded to France after the war, then voted itself back into Germany in 1957.

So lots of confusion there for poor old V & B, one of the oldest surviving a very best firms ever to grace planet earth (in my humble opinion).

However, I am always open to be re-educated by someone who knows about the infamous fake V & B trade.

Please could you be so kind as to post any results and findings here on this site.

If you need any help doing so, just contact me atpeter Hi Just have to step in as moderator at this point. " ..reference to the term "made in Germany" not being used before 1935 I am not sure is correct.

:- I have a Villeroy & Boch dinner plate that I'm curious about.

Is it genuine and if so what would be the date of manufacture. Pictures enclosed include the front, full back, logo closeup and a GF with M below impression.

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If you would be kind enough to contact meat bernardsandywanadoo.frand send me some picturs of your plate wecould then proceed, if you are in agreement.

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