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Updating a tudor facade

The eclectic asymmetrical facades often feature brick or stucco and have winding approaches to their front doors that evoke the English country homes that inspire the style.What does a Tudor home need to keep looking its best? The shallow overhangs and stucco exterior of many Tudors can lead to opportunities for the northwest’s rain to seep behind your facade.Often the original casements have been replaced with ugly, plastic-framed horrors, or glazing bars have been altered. Other common blemishes are ugly drainpipes, eccentric rendering, plastic guttering and poorly maintained concrete tiles.Flat roofs remain unpopular, although that, says Yolande, is beginning to change - "slowly".Indeed, "ugly space" is often all that is available.The architectural legacy of Britain's post-war housing boom has ensured a healthy supply of the stuff - characterless, box-like homes built from deteriorating, man-made materials to a limited range of standard patterns.The agglomeration of additions - often in different materials, with roofs set at different pitches - invariably creates a horrid effect.To establish a new sense of harmony, it is important to adopt a coherent scheme.

A Tudor’s unusual window shapes can be a major factor in its curb appeal and resale value. Instead, consider creating a detached carport or pavilion that can double as an entertaining space when the weather is nice.

The various elements of the façade don't relate properly to the space or to each other.

Sometimes the problem has been caused by poor design, more often by piecemeal alterations and additions.

Options for restoration can include repairing broken lead elements, replacing rotting wood sash elements with new sash, or replacing the entire window with an exact replica.

In some cases, adding an exterior custom storm window can lengthen the life of the window and increase its insulation value.

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What your property might need is not so much a facelift as a façade lift. "When it comes to choosing a house," explains George Hesse, of exterior-design firm Back-to-Front, "there are always three considerations: location, space and character.

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