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Scottish live sex chat

All other sweary words pale into insignificance beside this most-powerful of derogatory terms. They can brek yer airm wi a single flap ah thur wings..."Please Miss Magrit-Anne said a bad word" "What did she say Condoleeza? Miss." True story as telt tae CJ by his maw, only the names huv been chinged fur comedy purposes. Verb: To Go yer dinger means to become extremely excited or angry about something, usually involving raised voices, possibly the throwing of everyday household objects, slammed doors and the like..Choose from a variety of wean eatin monsters and nippy wee bastarts: notably, broon an black Bull Terriers (pick a breed, thir aw the same) Thae hideously ugly white an pink wans wi the pointy noses Jack Russels (sorry tae youse wans thit huv thum but here thir Ned's dugs) Rotweillers Big Doberman lookin things wi broon herr that look like some specialist breed an OBVIOUSLY came fae stolen puppies. May be blunt or sharp, can include razors, lead pipes, bits of wood with nails hammered in, Stanley knives, etc... Possibly the main feature that these will have in common is that a chib is something which has been adopted for use as a weapon, possibly with ingenious modifications, rather than something originally designed for that purpose. One who has been subjected to attack with a chib is said to have been chibbed.

It had a strap across the top for a handlebar., Dug usually seen in company of Neds. Verb: To employ a chib - usually against another human being, but often against a ned.

A hostel employee at the Loch Ossian SYHA hostel on Rannoch Moor said: 'He didn't stay here.

He told me he'd been camping in the woods on the north side of the loch that weekend, then he just moseyed over to have a look at the hostel.''He was supposed to have walked down the line towards Rannoch station so perhaps he decided to take shelter in the bothy. We heard he was well equipped and knew what he was doing.' Rannoch is a 23-mile long stretch of open moorland between the A9 to the east and the A82 to the west.

He is believed to have attended several courses in outdoor survival and bushcraft skills over the past couple of years in order to realise his dream, despite being urged by family and friends to reconsider his plans.

He is then believed to have spent his 29th birthday on December 3 alone outdoors, in the first heavy snowfall of the season and may have been heading towards the next railway station at Rannoch when he got into difficulties.

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A sad loss to Scotland's industrial landscape...... Hollywood crooner who hung about with Bob Hope (see separate entry) and slid down golf clubs.