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Put puttichai dating website

(Thai term for TV drama series) fans thronged Sunway Pyramid in Petaling Jaya to catch a glimpse of their favourite leading couple Puttichai Kasetsin (aka Push or DJ Push) and Esther Supreeleela. Like their names suggest, Sibtit (10 directions or 10 times) is a rich playboy who is full of himself while Prikkang (chilli paste used to make Thai curry) is a feisty girl who prefers to keep her distance from him due to his flirty reputation.The two easily charmed fans with some Malay words they picked up upon their arrival in Malaysia like, “Apa khabar? Push, who has been filming in China lately, also added his favourite Chinese phrases, “Ni hao ma? During a recent interview, the two recalled their most challenging experiences shooting “It was quite scary and a rather painful experience, and even quite dangerous.“Prikkang may be a beauty, but she is not like the other girls.Since, she was already aware about Sibtit’s reputation, she initially does not want to have anything to do with him.” Apart from that, Push and Esther shared that their most memorable moments were their time shooting on location.The director then told me that Perfect Match was a bestselling book. If I work with an actress who keeps quiet and doesn’t like to interact with me, it’s difficult for any chemistry to develop. I’m comfortable chatting with her and teasing her because we’re close. People who know me as a DJ or a host at events think I’m playful and that I like to tease people. I talk a lot at work, so when I’m not working, I feel exhausted and prefer to stay quiet.I felt pressure because I knew I wouldn’t be exactly the same as the character in the book, but I tried to be as similar as I could.

“The scene was shot using a different horse, which we were not familiar with.

I work as a radio DJ from 8 am to 10 am five days a week. I was initially criticised for my stiff acting, and that pushed me to work harder.

When I was a leading actor in Lae Nang Fah [Angel’s Trick], I had to be on the set every day.

When I started playing Pi Seua in Perfect Match, I still had the angry look of Kongpop.

I told the director about it and tried to change to suit Pi Suea’s character. I heard that there were fans of Pi Suea, but I didn’t expect so much feedback when I posted pictures on the Internet of my character costume fittings.

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As for his next Thai project, Push will be seen in the rom-com along with his real-life girlfriend Warattaya Nilkuha (a.k.a Jooy).