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Local populations used the area for wild edible harvesting, hunting, fishing, trade, travel, and camps for over 6500 years.The Ottawa river valley has archaeological sites with arrow heads, pottery, and stone tools.Additionally, despite Ottawa's regional isolation it had seasonal water transportation access to Montreal over the Ottawa River and to Kingston via the Rideau Waterway.By 1854 it also had a modern all season Bytown and Prescott Railway that carried passengers, lumber and supplies the 82-kilometres to Prescott on the Saint Lawrence River and beyond.The exposure of these layers has released a flow of electromagnetic energy in the tunnel that was buried for centuries. It all began with a mysterious appearance at the Lyon station: a glimmering wall of light that can only be described as a glitch in the fabric of reality.The Loop is a fracture of time and space caused by an unprecedented release of electromagnetic energy.The first maps of the area used the word Ottawa, derived from the Algonquin word adawe ("to trade", used in reference to the area's importance to First Nations traders), to name the river.

Secondly, Ottawa was located approximately midway between Toronto and Kingston (in Canada West) and Montreal and Quebec City (in Canada East).Sudden flashes of light transform space inside the station.In this alternative dimension, invisible frequencies have a physical substance and offer insights and revelations on the invisible realities that define us and surround us.Three major rivers meet within Ottawa, making it an important trade and travel area for thousands of years.Many missionaries would later follow the early explorers and traders.

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Since its appearance, construction workers have begun to witness inexplicable phenomena in and around the tunnel.

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