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This was 32 years ago and not one year goes by that I dont think of Richard and my friends and comrades in arms. BORROS DIT IS ANNA EK WAS MAG GUNNER SAAM MET PRINSIE JOOSTE EN SEYER WAS SAAM MET ONS EK EN SEYER HET KLEIMORS OPGESTEL ON WAS SAAM MET LT LIGHT RICHARD EN SY MAAITJIE JY WEET WIE DIT WAS ON HET SOO VER NOG SOONTOE GELOOP VAN ONKONKOLO AF ONS HET OP DIE KAPLYN SEEKER N DRIE WEEKE INGEGRAAF EK EN RICHARD HET GEREELD IN PAS TYD GEKUIER HY WAS N COOL OU ONS HET NET TRUG GEKOM VAN PAS ONS HET OP DIE VLEE NOG ONS LAASTE OPLEIDING GEKRY CLIVE JONKER EN BERRINGTON HET VIR OP GEBOKS IN PE EK ONTHOU GOED ONS HET DEUR DAAI WATER PANNE GELOOP .ONS HET DEUR DIE WATER GELOOP TOE STOP ONS VIR BREAK AGTER DIE PAN EK EN RICHARD HET GE CHAT TOE SE HY VIR MY ANNA EK GAAN NIE WEER HUISTOE NIE JY WEET MOS PARTYKEER HET ONS MOS MAAR SOO GEWONDER EK ONTHOU NOG GOED EK VIR HOM GESE HET NEE MAN MOENIE SOO SE NIE HY HET SY BOOTS UITGEDROOG EN VIR MY SOO GEKYK EN GESE DIT IS WAAR ANNA WAS LT BREYTENBACH ONS LT EK WAS WAKKER TOE ONS DIE DRIE SKOOT HOOR ONS HET OP DIE RADIO VIR JOU GEHOOR TOE JY SE BERRINGTON IS GESKIET WAS JOOSTE BY JOU EK ONTHOU DAAI VERSKRIKLEKE VREES WAT OOR MY GEKOM HET N EEN VAN MAGTELOOS TE VOEL AL HET JY DIE BESTE WAPENTUIG TOT JOU BESKIKING NIEMAND HET DAAI NAG GESLAAP DIE CHOPPER KON EERS DIE VOLGENDE OGGEND VIR HULLE KOM HAAL EK ONTHOU NOG SERS SEYER SE GESIG DAAI OGGEND EEN VAN RAADELOOSGEHEID BEER HET MOS OP DAAI SELFDE KLEIMORE SY BEEN VERLOOR OP DIE KAPLYN DAWIS HET MOS DAAI GRENAAT OPGETEL EEN VAN DAAI SWARTIS WAS DIT DIE EERSTE KEER WAT ONS IN ANGOLS IN WAS NIE DIT WAS NIE N LEKKER OPS NIE MAAR DIT IS NOU MAAR SOOS DIT IS ONS MOES MAAR DIE WERK DOEN . GROETE MEDE SOLDAAT ANNA Peter was educated at Michaelhouse in Balgowan, KZN, where he was a noted hockey player.: Six members of 32 Battalion were Killed in Action in a single incident during Ops Modular in Southern Angola. n velletjie hang af en gooi dit in die Angolse stof. Hy gaan terug na sy gesneuwelde makkers en bring hulle een vir een terug. They were from SWA Genni and only had 2 week to go before returning to 911 to train the next intak I would also like to know who this Barnard is, was he the guy that did JL's with me in 1986 at Bossiesspruit near Kroonstad.A 32 Battalion Anti-Tank Ratel 90, Callsign 13, Commanded by 2/Lieutenant Jose Raymond Alves became bogged down in a muddy shona while engaging FAPLA manned Soviet T-55 tanks. Recoilless rifles were used and vehicles, so this was no small enemy force. Appelgryn was hit in the shoulder and the round hit his shoulderblade and went into his lungs. I considered him to be one of the nicest you could meet. Ek glo nie Gert Eksteen het die storie ooit vroeer aan enige iemand vertel, voor die Maandag aand in Januarie 2004. I later heard that he died in a mine accident but I could never confirm it.we trained and lived 32 but the fallen where never put on record, just a piss up at buffalo. in southern Angola, a 32 Battalion anti-tank Ratel commanded by 2Lt J. Alves was engaged in combat with FAPLA T-55 tanks, and became bogged down in a muddy shona. Toe die gunner weer om die boom kruip skiet Gert Eksteen hom met sy pistool dood. Hy beweeg terug, waar hy Kapt Meerholz aantref met ? Hy help Meerholz so aba-aba terug na die mediese pos. The tracker told me afterwards we should have shot him. If this is the J Barnard that i served with he was killed at Epupa falls in the Kokoveld(sector 10 ) in May/ June of 1987.Before the men could extricate themselves, their Ratel was hit and destroyed by a T-55 tank, killing all the crew and men aboard the Ratel, including 2Lt Alves and Capt A. Mc Callum, the commanding officer of Foxtrot Company. Met durf en determinasie veg die aanvallers teen die oormag en wen stukkie vir stukkie die stryd. By die mediese pos pluk hy sy middelvinger wat net aan ? He was out on a mine hunt with his team and a CPL Corrai when the buffel in which they were traveling hit a land mine. Both Cpl Barnard and his closed friend Corria were killed.The shoulder of the road gave way under the Ratel and it rolled down hill and landed on it's roof. RIP Baadie Joachim and myself enrolled at 10 Art Brigade in Potchefstroom January 1983 and became best mates. I remember buddies well ,we trained together in H company 4 sai ,after mortar training we where moved over to delta on 3 platoon company together .If memory serves me correctly, Jef was the "gunner" on the vehicle, and was pinned in the hatch, when the Ratel landed on it's roof.2Lt Alves was a troop commander in the Anti - tank sqn of 32 Bn commanded by then Maj Hannes Northmann. Baadie was tragically killed when the Caspir he was travelling in rolled on the road from Ombalantu to Ondangwa. One day we were assigned to repair broken tables he operated a grinder and I held the table soon my great brown pants caught alight and my army shorts underneath melted into my leg. Our mortar troop split in half,the other half going over to c company,having completed training in September 1981 our company deployed to SWA .

Hi my name is Gavin Vorster and i was in 32 from 1987 to 1989 we were once soldiers and i salute all that was part of my unit and all those that sacrified their lives for a better world,for those that lost their lives i salute you, Proleo Procusi_ We were forged in war. I was put up there with the MAG to cover the area and some guy on the ground (from base camp, not a member of the group chasing), was given an instruction by some corporal (also from base camp) to make his rifle safe. I remember in 1980 we were ambushed and I was wounded.

The spirit of Foxtrot Company and the bonds between the men of the company strenghthened, we were brothers. A watch was passed on to the next group of 2 and so on.

I think Richard completed his shift and handed over the watch to the next group and went to the toilet(which was a common thing to do),however with the rain beating on the trees and bushes,it made for eery,almost disturbing sound.

They were sadly taken away whilst on static duty on Raglin Road in Grahamstown when their Buffel rolled and they were thrown out. Fighting soldiers from the sky Fearless men who jump and die Men who mean just what they say The brave men of the Maroon Beret Silver wings upon their chest These are men, South Africa's best One hundred men will test today But only three win the Maroon Beret Trained to live off nature's land Trained in combat, hand-to-hand Men who fight by night and day Courage peak from the Maroon Berets Silver wings upon their chest These are men, South Africa's best One hundred men will test today But only three win the Maroon Beret Back at home a young wife waits Her Maroon Beret has met his fate He has died for those oppressed Leaving her his last request Put silver wings on my son's chest Make him one of South Africa's best He'll be a man they'll test one day Have him win the Maroon Beret. Xg6By20I grew up in front of Russell, on Vaal Reefs Gold Mine, in the (then) Western Transvaal (now North West). My mom and Diane are still best friends and visit each other every year. Barrington was a rifleman from 6SAI, Foxtrot Company, Platoon 4 and was a pleasant well mannered and popular chap.

May God let their souls rest in peace as they might have gone, but they are not forgotten. (Echo company '84 to '86, 6SAI)Operasie Kropduif (die aanval op Eheke) op 28 Oktober 1977, sou die donkerste dag in die geskiedenis van die Suid Afrikaanse Spesiale Magte se bestaan wees. As company signal officer I was in transit and detached to this platoon on that fateful rainy night.

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Platoon 4 comprised the youngest group of men who were exposed to the most amount of contacts during our 18 months on the border, as a result of this they were quick on the trigger.

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