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So many people tried to get him to do it properly, but he either sacked them or shouted at them until they left.

Desperation in a girl is a definite turn-off for a guy.“This is obviously hearsay, and is simply what I was told by someone Henry sacked.He maintains she is a lying, disaffected trouble causer.” Other victims of the bogus firm include Joanne Buckley, from Liverpool, who claims she spent £4,000 on a dog which could not even fetch a ball for her autistic son.Henry always blamed the recipient not the dog when things didn’t work out.“I’ve also heard that as well as puppy-farmed dogs, Henry was buying in dogs online from sites like Gumtree and taking dogs from the pound and selling them on as assistance dogs.

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Some animals supplied for round-the-clock assistance for paralysed people, diabetics and extreme allergy sufferers were not even fit to fetch a ball.

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